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Bernhard Odehnal

Correspondent for the Zürcher Tagesanzeiger

Bernhard Odehnal was born in Vienna in 1966. After studying Slavistics (Russian, Serbo-Croatioan) at university he was working as an editor for the Vienna city-newspaper Falter for five ears. After that he was active as a freelance journalist with a focus on Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In his coverages, he reported on Bosnia and the Rest of Yugoslavia for media outlets like Profil, Format, News, Berliner Zeitung, Die Zeit and Weltwoche. From 1999 until 2000 he was working as press spokesperson in Priština for the OSCE Mission to Kosovo and starting from 2000 for the foreign desk of Weltwoche in Zurich. Since 2004, Odehnal has been a correspondent for the Zürcher Tagesanzeiger located in Vienna. Awards: Zürcher Journalistenpreis 2003 (Zurich Journalistic Award) for a coverage on Bosnian war refugees (“Mejra, was wird aus uns?“ / ‚Mejra, what will become of us?‘) in the Swiss weekly magazine Weltwoche. The Bruno-Kreisky-Award 2011 for his book „Aufmarsch – die rechte Gefahr aus Osteuropa“ (together with Gregor Mayer).