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Yvonne Widler

Online editor at Austrian daily KURIER

After completing her studies in economics and journalism, Yvonne Widler and her colleagues founded the repeatedly award-winning online magazine paroli where Widler was editor-in-chief. After that she worked two years for the specialist journal Horizont, reporting on the media and advertising industries and responsible for the agency desk. In May 2014, she joined the founding team of, where she initially was in charge of project management and later served as managing editor and head of department for sociopolitical issues. Since April 2016, Yvonne Widler works as online editor at the Austrian daily KURIER. In 2017, among other awards, she received the prestigious Prälat-Ungar prize in the category online for the article “Gedanken von unheilbar kranken Menschen” (“Thoughts of persons beyond recovery”).

Photo: © Helena Wimmer