“Europe can lead the way to climate neutrality.”

Talk Europe! with Charlotte Ruhe

18. April 2020
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Europe as a Continent and the European Union as a governmental formation are doing more than almost anybody else to keep the Paris Agremment alive. The carbon border tax is a brilliant idea to use the purchasing power of Europe to say “You might want to turn away from the Paris accord but then you’ll pay for it trough your taxes”.

Charlotte Ruhe of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development believes that Europe can become the Worlds first carbon-neutral continent. “The outline is already out there. The question is how fast can we get there.”

This text and video is published under the Creative Commons License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. The name of the author/rights holder should be mentioned as followed. Author: Jovana Trifunović and Igor Bararon / Cover picture: Filmstill from the Video “Europe can lead the way to climate neutrality” Talk Europe! with Charlotte Ruhe, illustration: Norma Nardi

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