From Pouring Concrete to Art: Opening of the New Synagogue in Žilina

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The reconstruction of the New Synagogue in Žilina, one of the most important items of cultural heritage related to modern architecture in Slovakia, designed by the German architect Peter Behrens, lasted for six years.

The opening ceremony will take place on 12 May 2017 at 6 pm, and will feature a live concert where more than 2,800 names of people who helped with the reconstruction will be sung by a choir.  The composition was written by Marek Piaček and recorded by the male choir Octet Singers led by Jozef Chabroň. It will be forever heard within the building’s structure — one only needs to put their ear to its walls. In addition, a selection of photographs by Dalibor Adamus, Marek Jančúch, Natália Zajačiková, Peter Snadík and Richard Kohler, documenting the six years of construction and restoration works and the cultural events that took place during the several so-called semi-openings will be at display.

The price of admission is pay what you want, but due to the limited capacity, a registration via e-mail at is necessary.

Apart from visual arts and exhibitions, the Synagogue will regularly host other artistic events, projects and cultural life of the local community. Many of the events have already been tested during the reconstruction, some of them are being moved from the Stanica Žilina-Záriečie cultural center which has been outgrown by its own event calendar, but there will be entirely new events as well.

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