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19. April 2017
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We continue with our public programme at our new premises at Erste Campus with the presentation of the research and publication project “Non-Aligned Modernisms” about the relevance and role of art and culture within the Non-Aligned Movement.

Thursday, 27 April, 6-8 pm
Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna
We are located at Erste Campus on the ground floor of section F. The entrance (orange porch, Arsenalstraße) is opposite the D tram stop.

Introduction by Zoran Erić, initiator of the project and editor of the series; chief curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade.

Presentations by Olivier Hadouchi, PhD in cinema studies, film curator and film critic, Paris, and Ana Sladojević, curator and media theorist, Belgrade, about the role of the (moving) image within the Non-Aligned Movement.

The project was conceived as a long term investigation into the role of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as an active agent of the international relations during the Cold War and within the emancipatory heritage of such supranational model of international cooperation for today’s globalized art, culture, and politics. It resulted in public presentations, which were held in the form of film projections, panel discussions and lectures, the major focus was on the edition of a series of publications on different subjects related to the Non-Aligned Movement. These booklets provide a full perspective on the historical role of the Movement, and shed light on the ways of cultural and economic exchanges, as well as diverse types of collaboration in the processes of modernization of its member countries.

“Images of Africa” by Ana Sladojević
The booklet “Images of Africa” is the first volume of the project “Non Aligned Modernisms”. In a wider, global framework, the time of colonialism and its traces, among them archives and museums collections, are to a certain extent insufficiently accentuated, reflected upon or even purposefully obscured. As a consequence of this faint visibility of colonial history, was the obscuring of the history of anti-colonialism as its most direct consequence.

“Images of Non-Aligned and Tricontinental Struggles” by Olivier Hadouchi
The research “Images of Non-Aligned and Tricontinental Struggles” focuses on the reporters from Yugoslavia Zdravko Pečar and Stevan Labudović who with their own style and approach documented the Algerian War of Independence, and showed the image of the partisan (guerillero/fighter) in a natural element and environment. This image is part of the representation of a “People in arms”, that is also present in Tricontinental’s pictures and posters and, before, in Non-Aligned’s call for anti-colonialism and right to be an independent nation.

The first edition of publications comprises of the following seven volumes:


Preview Public Events in Spring:

Thursday, 4 May, 6 pm
Presentation of the project “Inside Out – Not so White Cube” about institutional critique in Eastern Europe with Alenka Gregorič, Ljubljana, and Vít Havránek, Prague.

Tuesday, 13 June, 6pm
Presentation of the publication and exhibition project “The Second Explosion” about Slovene art of the 1990s with Tadej Pogačar, Ljubljana.